Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shoes for Shortie

Dear Jeepers,

Great site. Fantastic fashion advice. I am hoping you
can work your beautifying magic on me. Here's my

Although I love summer clothes and can always turn up
a great outfit, I always have a hard time finding good
shoes. Comfort is my biggest problem. Don't get me
wrong: I am not a high-heel foe. Far from it. In
winter, I will drudge about in stiletto boots even in
the snow. But comes summertime, my feet are unable to
sustain wearing pumps: every shoe seems to rub against
my skin and cause me great agony. I am relatively
short and thus can't pull off the flat look. I've got
to have some heightening! Any advice on what kind of
shoe I can buy this season that would look and feel



You can "pull off" anything, because you, my dear, are a pocket Venus! We want to scoop you up and slip you into our front pocket, whether or not you've augmented your height by a few inches in heels. (Is this the kind of sentiment your loathe?)

If you want to be taller, plus comfortable, this is your summer. Wedges, barely there sandal straps, espidrilles, and all manner of heels are available at every price. We've scouted out some good buys for you here, here, here, and here.

Not yet available in stores (because we just invented them, we think): Spring-loaded wedges, the Sole Shoe (an adhesive sole, with no shoe attached, so you appear barefoot while also being protected from hook worm.)

(Please consider painting your toenails a variety of colors this summer. Why do we do only one color at a time? Try blue, pink, racecar red, pale green, and lilac.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is actually something in existence like a sole shoe - it's like the sole of a flip flip but without the straps. Haven't ever figured out how it really works.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous No Sucker said...

Dear Jeepers,

Yes, I too have learned about what you called the "sole shoe." In today's Seattle Times (4/30) was the following review: "Topless sandals look just like standard flip-flops with one significant difference: no straps. A foam rubber base covered with adhesive sticks to the soles of your feet. At first, the hold is firm; it pulls on your skin as you walk and kind of tickles, which feels bizarre. Predictably, the adhesive loses its stick over time. Flexing your foot, climbing stairs and perspiring makes the sticky stuff lose its stick faster. At the same time, an unpleasant layer of pet hair, dust and dirt quickly amasses on the uncovered tacky surface surrounding your feet. Cleaning with soap and water removes this mess,m but the shoes rapidly re-collect. We were surprised to discover cleaning also re-invigorates the adhesive; it once again clings to your feet firmly, but it loses its stick even more quickly than the first time, Topless sandals are a conversation starter, but we'll stick with straps. Sold online at for $10."--Amy Arnold

Hm-m-m-m. It would be unkind, I suppose, to give my honest opinion of the concept of this shoe, so I'll refrain from giving it. Perhaps they would successfully perform the basic function of a shoe if on lived in an environment as clean and dust-free as a silicon-wafer-production "clean room," never exerted onself enough to perspire, never climbed stairs, had no pets, and learned how to walk without flexing one's feet. Under such conditions, this shoe could be a huge success!

A famous quote of P.T. Barnum comes to mind when thinking of this shoe.... I guess the expression "caveat emptor" is worth repeating.

No Sucker

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wedges are definitely the way to go this summer!

For specific recommendations, visit

2:46 PM  
Blogger Fashion said...

I always wear Timberland shoes like you .....I feel really great....

9:54 PM  
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Anonymous Brooklyn said...

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