Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Retro Angel, Kook

Dear Jeepers,

I've got a closet full of clothes. That's not my problem. My daily dilemma is which of my many outfits to grab. Do you have any advice for this very second?


Dear Jeannie,

This very second we're taking our inspiration from two relatives: Aunt Toddy (who ended up looking smashing in her black pants at the wedding, because she paired them with adorable flat strappy sandals and a weird, gorgeous cream cape blouse with giant buttons), and our cousin Ariana, who looked positively edible (and potable) all weekend. She went retro and ladylike, with a dash of bubble gum.

So that's our advice. Wear something ladylike and demure, then add at least one colorful or strange element, like giant earrings, or bright green clogs.



Anonymous imagemaker said...

Don't have "outfits." Have everything that can go with almost anything else. Combinations can be almost endless, depending on # of tops. But focus on your ultimate image, "bubblegum" or "red carpet" and then with that image, choose.

7:48 PM  

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