Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sexy Funeral

Dear Jeepers,
What do you do when you're in love, bustin' at the seams, feel like dancing, you're suddenly able to sing along with Mary J. Blige, running ten miles a day for fun--fast--and basically on top of the damn world--and all the clothes for spring are black, grey, or some drab inbetween color I don't even know the name for? Where's the yellow minidresses and skyblue flutter pants I feel like wearing?

-Sophie Mark

Dear Sophie,
Well, you could ignore the trend, or you could concentrate on the things drab colors force us pay extra attention to: shape, scent, attitude, details, and walk. Just because you shouldn't wear candy stripes doesn't mean you have to banish joy. We mean, just because you're at a funeral doesn't mean you have to dress like someone just died.

Lotion yourself up with almond butter, show your bod, flirt with toddlers on the subway, buy flowers for your house/apartment, shop for pretty stationery and tea cups, do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STAY AWAY FROM COLOR. (Um, we just quit smoking and are obvs. conflating the two ideas.)

We love Mary J. Blige!



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