Sunday, March 12, 2006

Art? Or Just Little Ol' Illustration?

Here is a couple discussing cat litter procedures.The man is proposing a twice per week removal. The woman is waiting for her turn to say, "You and what army?" They are both wearing 100% cotton terry robes (not pictured).

Went to the Armory Show yesterday: As Marshall said, it was like watching an entire basketball team trying nothing but hail mary's. Perhaps not enough smooth, practiced layups. (Also, are you sick of collage, pencil drawings of pussy, unfunny cartoon roughs, sliced up maps, and collage collage collage?)

Nevertheless, points were scored! We personally were amused/delighted/inspired by Kelly McLane, Ann Craven, Gabi Hamm, Rita Ackerman, Marco Boggio Sella, Susanne Simonson, Sophie Hellermann, and Walton Ford.

Coming soon to this site: What to wear in space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the links to the artists'work.

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