Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Very Traditional


I've got 2 questions, one about what to wear, one about what to DO. My wedding is coming up in three weeks and my dress is GORGEOUS, my bridesmaids (all seven of them!) will be in beautiful, pale pink dresses with full, tulle skirts (like ballerinas), etc. I have something borrowed (my mommy's pearls), something old (the wedding slippers my GRANDMOTHER was married in), but nothing BLUE! Mommy says just to wear blue panties, but I don't want to cheat. I want to really have something blue, something people can SEE. What's something nice and blue I could add to my ensemble, without ruining my perfect pink and white wedding?


Dear Suzanne,

Blue eyeshadow?

Because your mother is right: The statue clearly states, in section 2b paragraph 7, that "The second party (hereafter referred to as "the bride") shall at the time of her nuptials be wearing something old, meaning older than the bride at the time of the wedding; something new, meaning not to exceed three weeks in origin or length of time in bride's possession; something borrowed, meaning lent to the bride for a period not to exceed four days past the wedding; and something blue, meaning something blue in color worn or carried anywhere on the bride's person for the duration of the ceremony, to include flowers, undergarments, or cosmetics."


Your guests will be celebrating the seen and unseen: your dress, his tie, your love and devotion to each other, how much he cracks you up, your long and happy future...

Don't shove cake in his face!



Anonymous carolita said...

You see? This is why I'll never get married!

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Hannah T. said...

Pretty much sums up my life at the moment, as dutiful MoH.

3:55 PM  

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