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Hi there, Jeepers.

It’s Andy from England and I have do have a style question--it's regarding sunglasses: I'm looking for a pair for summer and want to buy online, but it's hard to choose when you can’t try ‘em on so I wondered if you had any ideas for a 42-year-old man trying to stay stylish but not wanting to look like I'm "trying" too hard. I normally have an “egg shaped” (my lovely wife’s words!) shaven head and dark eyes and eyebrows that need to be controlled!

Any suggestions for a good look?



Dear Andy,

We like smallish glasses on most men, but also giant glasses on super hot boys and sex-exuding men who are obviously wearing giant glasses on purpose. If by egg-shaped you mean a bit round, stay away from small glasses.The Style Guy spoke to this issue of humongous glasses two summers ago:

Keith Richards pulled them off. Ric Ocasek must have pulled them off, because Paulina Porizkova married him. Kurt Cobain could pull anything off, including those girls’ sweaters with the flowers on them. Big sunglasses are an affectation best affected by the affectless. In other words, you have to be brutally cool to not come off like a Beauty and the Geek contestant or a proto–drag queen. You also have to be thin and hirsute, otherwise unfortunate comparisons to Elton or Moby may ensue. (Don’t get me wrong: Looking like Moby is great if you’re Moby.) I guess the answer is, If you have to ask, forget it.

Anyhoo, this seems to me the wrong item to buy online. Go to the store, man! If you just can't drag yourself out of the house, we hope that the above illustration helps you make your Internet (the interweb) selection. xox




Blogger tiny banquet committee said...

There's a guy in my neighborhood who wears the most fantastic sunglasses, they are round like Philip Johnson glasses but just a little smaller, with tortise-shell frames and VERY dark lenses. My ex-boyfriend lives on his block and was peeved to see Mr. Sunglasses wearing shoes just like his, so I am urging him to up the ante and get a pair of sunglasses just like Mr. Sunglasses has. Then the air will be cleared for a real sartorial smack-down.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeepers

Firstly sorry for taking so long to reply after your swift response and a big thank you for your thoughts... your right of course I need to get out and about for this one its not like buying a book or a cd in fact I don’t think I have bought any clothes successfully on the net (are socks clothes?) but mainly... I have to say thank you for your wonderful picture that is me! Only with far more style ;-)




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