Thursday, September 08, 2005

What Should Aunt Toddy Wear in Paris?

Dear Jeepers:
Your "works for any situation" dress made me ask myself this question: If one were spending ten days in Paris and could take only ONE outfit to suit all situations, what might that outfit look like? The outfit would have to be practical AND appeal to the average Parisian's keen sense of style. I now pose that question to you.

Thanks. "Prepared for Paris"

Dear Paris,
Stop! Don't shop yet! Just wear any old thing. Walk around the city for a day or two, observe the natives, then go shopping in Paris. Otherwise, you'll end up like those visitors to New York City who arrive, in July, wearing black head to toe, thinking that it's mandatory in the Big Apple, smoking very long cigarettes held in mother-of-pearl holders, carrying Kate Spade bags.
Bon voyage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aunt toddy doesn't need advice. she's just being nice. she's been there, knows the ways and wants and speaks like a Parisian. She's so cool, she could give Jeepers advice

6:55 PM  

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