Monday, September 05, 2005

Accordion Skirt

The bride is dressed in a white linen dress, very wrinkled. The groom, in blazer and jeans, gives the thumbs-up sign indiscriminately and seems dazed. At a signal from the father of the bride, Clara begins to play. Several guests smile when they notice the joke of her accordion skirt. The groom's cousins from Ohio start the dancing. Soon the little dance floor is crowded. After the song ends, people shout out: "Do the Godfather theme, do the Godfather theme!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really get it, although I bet jeepers has been to some shitty weddings this summer, not to diss on anyone, but come on now. I don't know if you are married jeepers, but if you aren't I think it's time you move in with someone who can draw as well and be as funny as you can, just an idea. xx new hamp.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Leather Skirt said...

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