Monday, September 04, 2006

Up in the Air

To see over 400 flight attendant uniforms spanning the century, check out this labor of love from collector Cliff Muskiet. Compare United to Air France, KLM to Lot! (Note the sweet ribbon tie on the Song uniforms.)

Were we to design uniforms for flight attendants, we would veer back toward the elegant and dressy looks of the '50s. Just because you might be called upon to wrestle terrorists and pour 7-Up is no reason to dress like a counselor at a recreation camp for special kids. We might have the men in three-piece suits with long shorts (!) and the women in double-breasted suits with one-of-a-kind print scarves. Footwear, though, should stay comfortable.


Blogger Ithaca Night Life, NY said...


In to this view, I wish to know additional information, as I am asking questions about the furure of fashions and styles......Prepared as....


Fashions and recents trends have indicated there is now real debate. No this is not being done in a classical sense within an academic setting. This one is being addressed on the runways a various other walkways of fashion shows in which beautiful models parades with the language of style, and the image they convery dressed on their lovely forms.

Top nudity has now appeared, and with more frequency, and with more open areas of the pelvis regions are now coming in to their own, along with their established sales nitches. This coupled with a new but nervous era of post-feminism one has to really have to look at what this entails to both womyns options and sociocultural safety.

Retros are now becoming stronger too! And thus one also has to ask .." why during this time and era ?" Is this a defensive retreat, or one in which this too is to preserve womyn's options? All the while the fashion style middle of these two extremes the center is likewise being influenced by both directions.

All this during a time in which womyn options and freedoms are rapid'ly increasing too. No longer being held back by any of the past taboos, the lessening of sexual violence, or even for that fact by physical - sexual related limitiations either.

Thus this is sent to initiate a focus in which to trigger discussions so everyone, especically men, can begin to know whats on the future horizons as a result. Is there another human frontier to be conquered ? Or are we maturing as a speicies ?

Roger Meredith Christian

1:07 PM  
Blogger Jeepers said...

Yikes! We are afraid to say that your unusual writing style made it very difficult for us to figure out what you were trying to say exactly.

Then, while giving your letter a college try, we noticed that you've misspelled the word "women." That's where we drew the line, flipped the switch, and just plain gave up on you.

Best wishes,

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Olya said...

I just flew with JAL (Japan Airlines), and they had the cutest aprons, and dresses, styled very traditionally.
Something along these lines:
Although that is a traditional kimono and is probably very uncomfortable to fly in.

I actually have a question. I have a traditional kimono, red with white flowers, that is fairly heavy (i.e. no good in the summer, but great for fall and winter), and looks great. Are there occasions when I should wear it? Or will it sit sadly on my shelf?

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

I think what Roger is (perhaps) trying to say is that the increase of "nudity" of the female form on the catwalk could perhaps be seen as a post-feminist statement through the breaking of taboos. There is a section on Roger's website containing a selection of photos of models wearing diaphanous tops, their breasts showing through, hence "Top nudity has now appeared".

This is (apparently) in direct opposition to the retro conservative 1940s/50s inspired clothing also gracing the catwalks and his fashion website.

He wonders whether this conservativism is a fearful reaction to the abundance of nudity or if it is a reclamation of women's identity as Women.

He then goes on to suggest that women have more options and freedoms, but the statement about violence is beyond me as, I have been lead to believe, sexual crimes against women are on the increase.

I think what his question for you is whether it is possible to reconcile these two vastly different fashions and what does it say about society in general?

Perhaps his spelling of “women” as “womyn” is a tribute to some feminists who prefer this spelling. Many women resent the label for their sex having the word “men” in it and see it as reinforcing an antiquated patriarchal society which subjugates women.

But I could be wrong.

7:36 PM  

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