Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Quick Quiz

Match the woman to the handbag. Then, assign each purse a number from 1 to 7--7 meaning exquisite and 1 meaning foul--multiply by 3. If a friend called to ask a favor, would you: a) Cackle b) heave sigh c) run right over in the snow barefoot, without locking your front door or finding a babysitter for your infant, or, d) give yourself a few hours to thoughtfully consider the request, then politely call back and explain to your friend that you feel she is overstepping the bounds of friendship and making unreasonable demands. Add the scores of the two highest scoring handbags, then add 8 points to that sum if you answered "a," 6 points if you answered "b," 4 points if you answered "c," and 17 points for "d." You glorious darling! You adorable reader! You England.


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