Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Snowing in New York!

We gave our favorite man a kitten for his birthday. You take a chance, when you do that: You'll either end up with a cuddly bundle of purring fur, serene cat gazes, voluntary nose-to-nose touches, or you've got a wild animal in your apartment. We ended up with the wild animal scenario, which has its own pleasures, Jane Goodall moments, with us crouching in the corner scribbling observations into a notebook and the young cat specimen dashing out of reach.

When the radio announcer says it's going to snow overnight, you'll either end up with a gray, wet morning, or with a Winter Wonderland. This morning we got the wonderland! The corner grocery has only "soy eggnog," So make your own eggnog! (The recipe is surprisingly gross: Three dozen egg yolks, one vat heavy cream, a Tequila worm, nutmeg, and some phlegm.)

Oh, we've sighted the cat!


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