Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Just In

Merblouse with pearls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jeepers,

I am a point guard in the NBA, and as such, I am prone to wearing throwback jerseys and gold chains. I am particularly fond of my 1975 orange-striped Astros uniform, and my diamond-studded monograms. But now, the Man (NBA Comissioner David Stern, actually) is curbing my self-expression. He's enforcing a new dress code for all team business (and when am I not on team business!?).

No more jerseys or chains or "headgear" (whatever that means). The rule is now "business casual" (your favorite!): We must wear dress shirts and slacks and no sneakers or sandals or "work boots." We can't wear sunglasses indoors, and we must have sleeves.

Men's fashion may not be your forte, but please help. What's a man to do in these repressive times? and remember, I am very long.


1:03 PM  

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