Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For Halloween

A reader writes: The day of the dead is fast approaching and i have yet to come up with a decent/cute/fashionable/creative costume, so in lieu of hitting up the local wallmart, i've been racking my brain (and the internet) for some ideas. unfortunatly, i havn't had much luck. my only requirement being that i would like to wear it to school (art school to be exact... tones of pressure to be creative) and dont want to look dumpy. please help!


Dear Mer,

Well, do not go to your fancy art school costume party dressed as a fat cell. Nor in any costume that requires a fake nose of any kind--neither clown nor Groucho Marx nor reindeer. Sexy witches are irritating to all other women, and not a good showcase of your creativity.

Here are two ideas: either go dressed in your normal clothes and, when asked what you're dressed as, say things like "Marilyn Monroe," or "Attorney General Gonzalez." Or, go dressed as Ariel, the Little Mermaid, after the spell has turned her tail into legs. Wear a beautiful, long wig, sparkles on your face, a breast-bearing, ocean-inspired top, and jeans.

The last time we wore a Halloween costume was some ten years ago. We bought a very realistic, Statue of Liberty mask, donned a toga, and tromped through the cold, crowded streets of Baltimore with several friends who were dressed as mimes--with white gloves, white-painted faces, striped shirts, and bowler hats. Frat boys taunted us from the opposite sidewalk with calls of "Mimes suck!" and we arrived at our party so late that by the time we walked through the door, a handful of stragglers sat slumped on the sofa, their costumes in disarray, watching a football game on TV.

Have a wonderful time!



Blogger zp said...

I was just thinking (at the food blog Eat) about one Halloween, when a dear friend, dressed as a mad scientist, lifted my current salad dressing bottle from the lab where she worked. That year I was neapolitan ice cream, as I had an odd silk skirt that was brown with a pink lining and I wore it inside out and so the skirt, which reached the floor, almost had a wide brown stripe at the bottom, about a foot wide, then a pink skirt, then a white shirt and I made a crown out of one of those cylindrical cartons of Edy's ice cream.

Some people associated this with the game Candyland, but it wasn't really necessary.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Jeepers said...

Dearest ZP,
Mad scientist is a very good costume, especially this year--not so much mad as dishonest about research findings. We LOVE your Neapolitan ice cream costume! It would work wonderfully for Mer at her art school party. We like the idea of going to parties dressed up as a person from another era, a better-dressed era.

4:55 PM  

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