Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pants for a Reverend

A reader writes: I am 51 years old, female, married, mother of one-freshman in college. I have no style anymore. Correction. I never had any style. I want one now. Or, I want my regular style but for 2006, not 1976. I do like that 70’s show. Can I wear my daughter’s pants that she left at home because they are too big for her? J Crew “10 reg. favorite fit” Bottoms are flared. They feel great. Not too low, but at least not as high as Land’s End. At my age, and at this dropped waist, can I wear a wide belt? My shoes look like pencils at the bottom of these pant legs. I have narrow feet and can’t find shoes that fit and look in style at the same time. Should I be looking for something chunky? Boot? Who sells boots in narrow sizes?

Rev. Ann

Dear Rev. Ann,

The most important line in your letter: "They feel great." The cutest line in your letter: "Should I be looking for something chunky?"

We could eat you!

Yes, you should wear your daughter's jeans. Yes, you could wear a wide belt with them, although it might not be exactly slimming. Yes, we know who sells boots in narrow sizes! (Our grandmother wears size 11 slim, which is even narrower than narrow!) Her feet are so narrow she can wear hair barrettes as slippers.

Here are some other tips for rediscovering, or discovering for the first time, your style:

1) Rethink your hair. If it's like most 51-year-old women's hair, it's short and utilitarian. Consider growing it out a bit and either smoothing it down or fluffing it up. If you wear your hair in a bun, consider cutting it so it's just at or below your shoulders. Wear it down sometimes.

2) Wear blush and lip stain/lipstick. A bit of color on your cheeks can transform you (it's not just for Unitarians anymore).

3)Remember, Susan Sarandon (60 this month), is old enough to be your mother.

4) Get your hands on some more pants and jeans that "feel great," especially slim pants with a slim leg.

5) Read fashion magazines and start cutting out photographs you find beautiful. Meditate on the looks. What do you like about them?

We must dash off to work now, but may continue this discussion later. Until then,

God bless you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with the Reverend. I have a feeling my daughter sent this to me hoping that I would also take your advice and modernize my look! Two years ago I visited her on campus - Berkeley doctorate - I wore my Eddie Bauer jeans, straight legs w/ sneekers & all. Suburban soccer Mom!!! I think she was not exactly embarrased, but Mom was not cool. This year, Gap 5 button boot cut jeans w/ Doc Martins, tee & jacket. Much cooler! BTW I'm 59! Still working on "my look," too.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Jeepers said...

Dear Anonymous,

Doc Martins? Why not also try some beautiful shoes. We just bought a pair of deep blue eel skin heels that look stunning with jeans and skirts alike. But we like the tee & jacket look you describe--very Ellen Degeneris (sp?), sort of lesbian/babyboomer feminist uniform.

Some other uniforms you might consider adding to your wardrobe: Ava Gardner on the weekend (slim black pants that are a bit too short, paired with cardigan, tee, and scarf); aged rockstar (really expensive jeans, band tee, leather jacket, flat suede boots); or sexy housewife (shirt dress with belt, chunky heels, bracelets, car coats).

9:03 AM  

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